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b.a. media science

B.A. Media Science Max Mai

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My primary workspace is located in Bad Nauheim, Germany.
I also travel to London on a regular basis.

years of work experience self employed since 2000

  1. I create digital products and services that are easy to use and look great.
  2. I am a generalist, a teamplayer, a one-man-task-force and a jack of all trades.
  3. I love to work together with creative professionals to deliver only the best results.

my skills


I work with these programming languages and standards on a daily basis:


Frameworks should be selected based on the project's needs. Besides custom frameworks there are plenty to consider:

content management systems

Whether you need a custom headless CMS or one of the usual suspects, I am here to help.

design tools

I can think in pixels, vectors and CSS - and I love to design in these tools:

ai tools

Until my job is taken over by a robot, I use these tools to get jobs done efficiently, leveraging prompt engineering and APIs:

task management

Big fan of agile project management here. I primarily use the following methods and tools:


I am fluent in English and German.
I utilize the power of AI for other languages.